Sustainable Land Management Needs Forward-Thinkers

Land is vitally important. As a habitat, economic goods and part of our culture. But land as a  resource is becoming noticeably scarcer world-wide. In Germany, the restructuring of our energy supply, growing residential and commercial areas as well as increasing traffic increase the demand for space. Climate change as well requires a deep-reaching adjustment in urban and rural areas. Land use conflicts are pre-programmed – sustainable solutions can only be found together. The Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) is funding nine scientific-practice-teams that have combined into Innovation Groups. Through 2019 they are developing future-focused and applicable solutions for handling land as a vitally important resource.
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model region Lake Constance - Upper Swabia

Agrivoltaics – A Contribution to Resource-Efficient Land Use


model region Southern Brandenburg

Agro-forestry Environmental Services for Increasing Value and Energy


model region: District Ahrweiler

Sustainable Management of Land Use and Energy Supply on a Community Level. Implementation for the Model Region of Ahrweiler


case study: Berlin-Brandenburg, biosphere reserve Spreewald

Designing Integrative Innovation Processes: New institutional and regional Forms of Coordination for Sustainable Land Management


model region Oberland

Innovations for Sustainable Land- and Energy Management on a Regional Level


model region Metropolitan Area of Hamburg

Branding Cities-States-Regions through Cultivated Landscape Characteristics


model region Aachen district

Regional “Energiewende” Dialogue – On the Road together toward Energy Region Aachen 2030

stadt PARTHE land

model region Partheland

Cultivated Landscape Management as a Bridge between Cities and Rural Areas

UrbanRural Solutions

model region: region Göttingen-Osterode, Cooperation in Greater Hanover Region and region Cologne

Innovations in Regional Management of Public Services through Optimised Support of City-State-Cooperation