Innovation Groups

In the framework of the BMBF-funding programme, a total of nine Innovation Groups were supported. By the year 2019, they will have developed sustainable, practicable solutions for regions that are faced with special challenges due to changes in the climate and in the structure of the economy. The Innovation Groups focus on the outworking of the regional change in energy supply and an integrated use of space as well as on approaches to managing cultivated land and caring for natural landscapes.  

urban-rural-interrelations: cultural landscape and public services
regional Energiewende
Regionale Energiewende
innovative forms of land use
innovative Landnutzungsformen
APV-RESOLA AUFWERTEN EnAHRgie ginkoo INOLA REGIOBRANDING render stadt PARTHE land UrbanRural Solutions UrbenRural Solutions UrbanRural Solutions


model region Lake Constance - Upper Swabia
Lake Constance - Upper Swabia

Agrivoltaics – A Contribution to Resource-Efficient Land Use


model region Southern Brandenburg
Southern Brandenburg

Agro-forestry Environmental Services for Increasing Value and Energy


model region: District Ahrweiler
District Ahrweiler

Sustainable Management of Land Use and Energy Supply on a Community Level. Implementation for the Model Region of Ahrweiler


case study: Berlin-Brandenburg, biosphere reserve Spreewald

Designing Integrative Innovation Processes: New institutional and regional Forms of Coordination for Sustainable Land Management


model region Oberland
Oberland region

Innovations for Sustainable Land- and Energy Management on a Regional Level


model region Metropolitan Area of Hamburg
Metropolitan Area of Hamburg

Branding Cities-States-Regions through Cultivated Landscape Characteristics


model region Aachen district
Aachen district

Regional “Energiewende” Dialogue – On the Road together toward Energy Region Aachen 2030

UrbanRural Solutions

model region: region Göttingen-Osterode, Cooperation in Greater Hanover Region and region Cologne

Innovations in Regional Management of Public Services through Optimised Support of City-State-Cooperation

stadt PARTHE land

model region Partheland

Cultivated Landscape Management as a Bridge between Cities and Rural Areas